Vishw Hindu parishad leader Abhishek Yadav Caught Up in Burqa, Got Beaten Up Badly

Recently a VHP leader got caught wearing a burqa to create issues in the VHP district of Allahabad.

The man is Abhishek Yadav and he is the Vice-president of VHP in VHP (district). He wanted to create issues between Hindus and Muslims by wearing a Burqa and behaved badly in public. The public found out about Abhishek and beaten him badly then took him to Police Station to file a complaint against him.

Here’s how he was beaten:- 

Pic #2 of VHP Leader:-

Abhishek yadav is Yogi adityanath’s man:-

The Police took him into custody after the public called the police after beating him. This incident explains how VHP creates issues and provokes public to fight against each other. VHP is using divide and rule tactic  to draw Hindus towards them by making them to hate minority communities.

Here’s complaint copy:- 


Taking this incident as an example, we can assume that VHP did the same thing before Gujarat Riots in 2002. The train explosion which provoked certain Hindu communities is likely to be done by BJP party or RSS. Many leaders have said that RSS is the reason why India isn’t developing.

VHP’s fake publicity is acceptable but provoking people to fight against each other isn’t.

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