Salman Khan Says He’ll Vote Kamal Nath in Chhindwara !

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Kamal Nath is a great political leader and he has brought many advancements for his constituency Chhindwara.

He is one of the best politician in India. He is also a great economist, he was invited to Annual meeting of World Economic Forum. He was the only Indian who was invited to that meeting this year.

Salman Khan once said that he would vote Kamal Nath if he was voting in Chhindwara. Salman Khan said that Kamal Nath is his friend. Salman Khan also names other politicians that he would vote if he was living in their constituency.

Salman Khan said that he was from Mumbai, Bhandra and he names some of the local politicians that he would vote as they good work. He also says that he doesn’t not care about the party the candidate belongs but he cares about the work done by them. He added “If the constituency I live in where the head of any party participates, I will vote for them”.

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