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Rahul Gandhi Reveals The Real Truth Behind Modi’s Cashless Economy

Opposition parties are criticizing Modi’s decision to demonetize the 500 and 1,000 rupee notes and impose strict rules to exchange the old currency notes.

Due to the strict rules imposed for money withdrawal and exchanging the old currency, life has become very difficult for common man. ATM machines are often found without any cash and if there is any cash, only 2,000 rupee notes are found.

Rahul Gandhi spoke on the demonetization expressing his views against the Modi’s decision. In his meeting at Dadri mandi, he said “the demonetization’s one of the primary reasons was to eliminate the fake currency but the fake currency present is like 2 paise in 100 rupees”.

For the elimination of the 2 paise from 100 rupees, Modi is making everyone suffer by making them stand in queues for that one 2000 rupee note. Rahul Gandhi also spoke about going cashless. He said that the people will lose 5 percent of their total money transferred using these cashless apps and the illiterate people might not even know that they lost their money to these private companies.


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