Not Just Modi, Manmohan Singh Also Didn’t took a Single Leave

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The Prime Minister’s office said “A Prime Minister of India is on duty all the time”, further added that no leave records of former Prime Ministers were available.

Prime Minister’s office said this when an RTI is filed for leave rules and procedures for the Prime Minister of the country from it. “Prime Minister is always on duty” the RTI file from PMO said. The applicant also asked for the leave records of former Prime Ministers from Manmohan Singh and all the way to Rajiv Gandhi.

“This office doesn’t have leave records of former prime ministers. They are not part of this office however the current Prime Minister didn’t take any leave from the day he took over charge” it said.

A similar RTI application was filed by the applicant to other authorities like Cabinet Secretariat to know that if they have any information regarding the leave records of former Prime Ministers and rules regarding the leaves for Prime Minister. There was no answer and the application was transferred to Union Home Ministry which later sent it to PMO again which said the same thing again.

It looks like PMO is hiding the fact that no Prime Minster has taken leave during their time in office.

Source: Reddif India

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