The ministers are elected by the people to work for them but the minsters are making people to for them.

The ministers demand VIP treatment wherever they go. A public place, temple, airports etc are some places we commonly see the VIP treatment for the ministers. From the President to a Member of Legislative Assembly, everyone wants to be treated specially at public places.

There are some good politicians who reject this VIP treatment from the officials of the public places provide them. These politicians think that they are equal to the ordinary citizens.

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Vivek Tankha is one such minister who rejected the VIP treatment given by an airline company. He told SpiceJet that the VVIP treatment he received from the airline had embarrassed him. Vivek is the new Congress Rajya Sabha MP. Vivek Tankha wrote a letter to the leadership of SpiceJet that the special treatment given to him and his fellow party member is not right and it was embarrassing. He said that this VIP treatment for ministers should end.

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