Congress Leader Digvijaya Singh Gave an Exclusive Interview to Abhishek Mishra

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Social media activist Abhishek Mishra was invited by Digvijaya Singh, the General Secretary of the Indian National Congress for an interview.

Abhishek started talking about the surgical strikes issue. He questioned Digvijaya Singh, ” Why did you call those strikes fake? Don’t you believe the Indian Army?”. Digvijaya Singh replied “Indian government should provide evidence to United Nations Secretary General Spokesperson. UN Spokesperson and observers claimed that no such attack took place. I have faith and belief in Indian army.

Digvijaya Singh answered all the questions about surgical strikes without any hesitation or doubt. Digvijaya Singh said that BJP always tried to keep the Muslim community at a distance.

Abhishek then asked about Rahul Gandhi, “It looks like Rahul gandhi is not interested in Politics. Many people are making fun of Rahul Gandhi. It wouldn’t be an issue if this is done by people who are against the party but even a common man is trolling him. Isn’t this bad for INC?”. Digvijaya Singh replied “This is the work done by opposition party. Many stories are made by them to defame Rahul.” “Even Narendra Modi is a victim to such jokes” he added.

The video was shot at AICC (All in India congress committee), Delhi office.

Do watch the full interview:-

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