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Watch The Reality of Manoj Tiwari’s Gareeb Rath Bus!

BJP contestant Manoj Tiwari used a van for campaigning his Delhi elections named ‘Gareeb Rath’, symbolizing that even they are common people like the masses.

However, the story gets interesting when a TV Reporter got a sneak peek of the insides of the Gareeb Rath which were astounding. It had all the amenities of a five-star Hotel. It had an LCD TV, luxurious sofa, Carpet, Air conditioner, Fridge, Microwave oven and many other facilities. It is also reported that there is a small lift inside the van that would help to get to the top of the van.

This van or rather this luxury vehicle has Gareeb Rath painted all over it but has all these luxurious facilities in it. These politicians enjoy the luxurious lifestyle whereas the common people have to stand in scorching heat while shouting their or their party’s name, supporting them.

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