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BJP party is acting out of limits after winning in elections in 2014. A BJP MLC from Maharastra fired up a controversy while addressing a rally. Prashant Paricharak shocked Indian Army by talking how army wives are unfaithful.

He said “Despite husband being away, Husband at border and wife has a baby”. He made this comment after the situation of stone pelting in Kashmir. Clashes filled the streets of Jammu over the past few days, the protests broke out after the days prayers as youngsters waved the ISIS flags. This incident took place near Jama Masjid in Srinagar after the prayers were over. The people were captured raising a Pakistan flag and stone pelting.

An Islamic State suicide bomber on Thursday created chaos and blew up in a popular shrine in southern Pakistan. The blast took lives of at least 75 people, it was considered as the deadliest attack in more than over two and a half years. This incident was condemned all over the world including UN and USA. BJP ministers are acting off the limits and making controversial statements during public rallies and gatherings.


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शेयर करें