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Watch: Anupam Kher V/S Kapil Mishra Heated Debate

Anupam Kher has great following in India as well as in overseas thanks to his great Bollywood career. He is currently supporting the ruling BJP party and he is in the job of promoting the BJP party overseas.

In a meeting taken place in USA, he said “cannot use ‘Bhen***’ in home but you can use it outside of your home?, how can you use it in your homeland and that too against elders like Narendra Modi”. Anupam Kher also said “You don’t scold your grandparents bad words. Do you? But you scold Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is elderly. You call him a fake, psychopath and idiot.”

Then another Indian representative comes to stage to talk. The representative gave the correct replies to Anupam Kher’s speech. He said “You cannot curse someone in front of your parents but your parents themselves use curse words if anyone makes a mistake. If you are retarded, you will think of scolding your elders.” The crowd applauded the representative for his quick and effective sarcasm.


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