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Viral Video from England against EVM

There is a video from England which is going viral. The video shows that people who live in England are exposing the fraud being which was being done in electronic voting machines during the recent elections.

The video is addressed to people who live in India. Many people are standing and supporting the individual who is speaking about the fraud. The person said that they all were monitoring the elections and watching the results of the elections. They are shocked to see the result of vote counting which was done using electronic voting machines. One can easily misuse the EVM machines by tempering with them. They believe that EVMs were abused in the recent elections.

They also added that developed countries like England, United States of America, developed European and Asian countries do not prefer to use EVM machines in voting. India is the largest democratic country is the world; it is possible that they are misusing the EVM machines to attack and damage the democracy of India. They suggest that, if Indian people wants democracy to be intact then the people in India should protest the use of EVM machines in elections. Watch the video for more details:

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