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Video – Modi Exposed Himself by Saying Lies !

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Narendra Modi hits it again by lying that Gujarat is the highest producer of Tomatoes. In his speech at Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), New Delhi he boasted about Gujarat producing highest number of tomatoes in the Country.

He also said that tomatoes of Gujarat are even found in Afghanistan. What Modi doesn’t know is, Gujarat stands in 7th position in the production of Tomatoes while the Andhra Pradesh stands first. He fooled the people of Gujarat and has been Gujarat’s Prime Minister for many years.


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Now he is trying to fool the people of this country by his fake self promotions. He forgot that it is a simple fact that can be searched online. Its not the first time he fooled himself by his fake publicity, he lied that he provided Internet to all the villages of India in 2013 but the Government signed an agreement with BSNL to provide Internet to rural areas in later that year.

All of Modi’s party members join his bandwagon of fake publicity and they spread lies about themselves. BJP party members are even found fixing the news interviews, even Modi was caught on camera fixing several interviews.

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