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VIDEO:- Madhya pradesh BJP Crossed all Records of corruption

Many scams took place in the past few years under BJP rule. BJP has now a new record for involving in the biggest scam in their history. Vypam scam has surfaced in the recent years.

Vypam Scam was an an admission & recruitment scam involving politicians, senior officials and businessmen in Madhya Pradesh. This scam allowed to purchase medical seats without qualifying for the exam.

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NDTV has done a story about Vyapam Scam and exposed the scam. Shivraj Singh Chauhan has allegedly an active involvement in the scam according to the sources. Every competitive exam has been tampered by this scam in Madhya Pradesh.

Vyapam scam involved impersonation, copying, manipulation of records and answer sheets and leaking the answer key. Brilliant students or medical students were paid to impersonate exam candidates.

The photographs were swapped to allow this impersonation and this was done with the help of corrupt board officials.

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