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VIDEO: Huge Protest Against EVM In Gorakhpur

The recent elections has caused quite a stir in the country. Political leaders, influential people and public are protesting against BJP party for tampering the EVMs.

First, political leaders argued that BJP has cheated in elections by tampering the EVMs. Mayawati even challenged BJP for a re election using ballot paper instead of EVMs. Now people are protesting against the unfair elections. After witnessing many proofs that EVMs were tampered by BJP in the recent elections, people have opened their eyes and started to protest against BJP party.

Today an angry group of protestors have been shouting slogans and criticizing BJP party. They have been shouting “BJP Murdabad” all the time. There was even burned a statue made of straw to protest against BJP party. “EVM machines are not reliable. They are fake!” shouted the crowd. They burned the straw statue in the middle of a road and shouted “EVMs must not be used, they should be removed.”


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