VIDEO:- “Burn me Alive” Says Tea Seller Narendra Modi

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Narendra Modi had made a lot of promises for the people of India before and even after elections but he never worked to keep them. Narendra Modi’s recent fake promise was the annihilation of black money in the country. He asked to hang him in the middle of the road if the demonetization wasn’t successful.

Narendra Modi promised to eradicate black money in the country and improve India’s economy. He also promised that there will Rs 15 lakh in bank accounts of every citizen of India and as usual he broke his promise. He made some bizarre statements after announcing the demonetization scheme.

He said that every Indian citizen will be rich after demonetization scheme and asked the people to be patient for few months. India’s economy went down instead of rising after demonetization scheme. Watch the video down below for complete details.

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