Truth of Bengal Riot:- See How Rivals Spreading False News For Hatred

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BJP’s IT cell is pretty busy in spreading fake news to increase hatred in Hindus of the country.

Pictures of houses of Hindus that got attacked in Bangladesh and got burnt down are circulating the internet as they are a result of ‘Bengal riots’. Facebook page “I Support Arnab Goswami” has posted those pictures saying “Horrible pictures from Bengal Riots. They are attacked in their own homeland Bharat. Thank you Mamata Banarjee for this” which probably provokes some people who are unaware of the truth.

See the reality of FAKE Bengal Riots:-

Website also posted the picture saying “Hindus familiy attacked: 2 arrested”, spreading fake news. These pictures originated from the attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh in this year. Several attacks on Hindu temples and houses are made this year.

One of the incident is burning down the house of a Hindu headmaster and another is burning down the houses of Hindus to grab the land belonged to the minority Hindus.

This is not the first time BJP got caught spreading fake news. Social media hoax slayer exposed this fake news.

शेयर करें