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Tea Seller Modi on beef export in 2013 (Mera kaleja cheekh raha hai)

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Narendra Modi has made a lot of fake promises and fake statements before and even after elections.

To prove Narendra Modi is a feku, the fact that beef exports have risen incredibly that now India is the largest beef exporter all over the world. It ranks 1st in the list of largest beef exporters in the world.

Narendra Modi spoke in 2013 about India exporting beef to other countries and said “I don’t know whether it is hurting your heart to hear the fact that India is among the top list of largest beef exporters but it hurts mine very much”.

India stands on the top of the list followed by Brazil, Australia and the United States of America. Narendra Modi’s double standards are exposed here in this situation. Watch the video down below for precise information and for Modi’s words.

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