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Poll-daddy survey: 70% Indians says Note-ban was Big Failure of Modi

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Narendra Modi promised to improve and develop India after winning elections but he did change India, he took it backwards with his demonetization scheme.

Citizens of India did not like the demonetization scheme. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the scheme all of a sudden and gave very less time and limit to exchange money.

The ATMs were filled with queues and there was limited money in those machines. Narendra Modi didn’t even provide enough supply of new notes which caused chaos in the country.

Many polls were conducted to determine weather the demonetization was for better or for worse. The poll was “Do you think demonetization was a good step taken by PM Modi?”. There were 20,244 votes for ‘Yes’, which is 27.38% of total votes and 52,274 total votes for ‘No’ which counts up to 70.7% of the total votes.

Survey results:-

The rest of the people went for the “Can’t say” option. This is enough proof to prove that demonetization scheme has failed miserably.

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