VIDEO:- Modi Calling SriLankan President’s Wife Mrs:Sirisena as “M R S Sirisena”

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Narendra Modi has proved himself many times that he is not fit to continue as the Prime Minister of India. He has proved himself even before he was Prime Minister in the Gujarat 2002 riots and with many other scams.

Narendra Modi visited Sri Lanka in his part of a world tour for ‘bringing investments’ to India in the process of development. In a meeting during his visit, he read the names of Sri Lanka’s President and his Wife’s. He called Sirisena’s wife as “M R S Sirisena” instead of “Mrs. Sirisena”. He lacked minimum knowledge of English language.

He made this mistake when he was addressing the whole media and they made of Modi. He had brought shame to India with just one mistake he made for being unable to pronounce basic English words.

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