VIDEO: Smriti Irani exposed by DU on BA degree row

Recently, Smriti Irani exposed for having fake BA degree; documents of doing BA in 1996 were not found in Delhi University. This topic has already been become center of controversy.

A complaint was also registered against Smriti Irani for giving fake information. It is worth mentioning that she was former Minister of Human Resource and Development. Now the question is, did former ‘Minister of Education’ took her education properly?

Smriti Irani exposed for having fake BA degree

Now the news is coming that, Delhi University could not find documents related to her degree and could not confirm her education qualification.

Smriti has declared to ‘Election Commission of India’ in year 2004 that she had completed BA in year 1996 from Delhi University. Because of this; a complaint was registered against her for giving false information related to her degree.

Delhi Metropolitan court had ordered to Delhi University to present the documents of Smriti’s Bachelor of Arts degree. Delhi University informed Metropolitan court of Delhi that they they have not found any documents related to her degree of Bachelor of Arts.

Watch the video for proof and more details.

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