Watch Verbal Fight Between Former Bollywood Actress Smriti Irani and Priyanka Gandhi’s PA

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Smriti Irani got into a verbal spat with Priyanka Gandhi’s PA in Amethi who was happened to be around election booth. Smriti Irani made her to go out of the premises.

They both argued for sometime until police took the situation under control. Priyanka Gandhi’s PA said that she just came into the compound and she will go out of it immediately. Smriti Irani questioned Priyanka’s PA “Why are you here during election polling time?”. To counter that Priyanka’s PA asked Smriti that why was Irani there when the elections were going on.

Smriti asked the PA for an authority letter. The local people get into argument with Smriti Irani for making Priyanka’s PA to go out. The public was angry and said that Smriti Irani making unfair demands and they accused BJP for corruption. Police and other BJP leaders made the local people to go out of the compound. All this scene was recorded on cellphone and was uploaded on YouTube.

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