Shivraj Singh Audio Tape in Which He’s Begging For Votes !

वायरल वीडियो: यूपी में भाजपा को वोट न दे

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Congress leader Digvijaya Singh posted an audio clip of Madhya Pradesh Cheif Minister Shiv Raj Singh Chouhan talking to BJP leader Rajendra Choudhary.

Digvijaya Singh posted this audio as a tweet in his account. In the audio tape Shiv Raj Singh Chouhan can be heard talking to Rajendra Choudhary about the support the party’s candidate for Garoth Assembly election in Mandsaur district.

Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan can be heard saying “Do whatever it takes to win the elections. I will take care of everything, the current situation is not good.” and Rajendra Choudary just agreed to whatever he said. Digvijaya Singh tweeted this audio tape after it was posted on social media.

Here’s audio tape of Shivraj:- 

When asked to comment on this issue, Digvijaya Singh told “This is an unfortunate situation for the people in the MP. The Chief Minister of MP himself called a local leader and told him that the party will support him and he should win the election no matter what.”

We can assume that Shiv Raj Singh Chouhan is telling Rajnedra Choudary to involve in malpractices to win the elections.

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