‘Army is Doing Publicity Stunts to Come on TV’ says BJP Leader GVL Narasimha Rao

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Recently an army jawan posted a video about the quality of food they were being served when working. The video went viral and BJP ministers aren’t happy about it.

The video went viral and social media was filled with hate posts against Modi and his government. Just a few days after the video was initially posted, the army jawan who was responsible for the video was transferred to some other place to shut his mouth.

A BJP minister said that some of these army jawans are doing this to become popular so that their family members can watch them on TV. “Everyone wants to be on TV and it feels good to make their family members to watch them on TV.” he said.

The army jawan who posted the video, genuinely expressed his discomfort with the food they were being provided by the government. He said they were only given tea and a parantha for breakfast and for the lunch they get only one roti with turmeric powder. In those harsh conditions they have to work with that less food provided and yet BJP ministers say that they do it to become popular.


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