See How Ratan Tata Made Fun of Modi by Mentioning Him in a Tweet

by Geetanjali Singh |
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Reliance is promoting it’s Jio 4G network in all kinds of Mass communications. An advert in a newspaper for Jio network featured Narendra Modi in a full page. The Jio is promoting its network as a part of Digital India scheme.



Delhi Cheif Minister mocked Narendra Modi as “Mr Reliance” and said that Narendra Modi was openly endorsing the 4G network. Kejriwal mocked Narendra Modi when Reliance splashed its ads in all newspapers featuring Modi.

Kejriwal spoke more about this news in a series of tweets. He said “Modi, keep endorsing Reliance and the labourers will teach you a lesson in 2019 elections. These ads are proof that Narendra Modi’s pockets are filled with Ambani’s money. PM of India is openly endorsing the Reliance product.”

A twitter account by the name “History of India” posted a the picture of Modi and Mukesh Ambani saying “Owner of Network 18 welcoming his employee to address people how cronies are going to halt inflation.” This tweet got Ratan Tata’s attention and he retweeted it blank by tagging Arvind Kejriwal and the tweet’s originator.

Although the tweet was deleted, Ratan Tata’s tweet went viral in Social media platforms.

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