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See How Media Caught Sponsoring Modi’s News by Paying Money

BJP party’s advertisements are everywhere. TV, News Papers, Posters, Paid media etc. BJP has been promoting itself since it started ruling the country.

Facebook pages are found promoting BJP news using the Facebook’s advertising. It is confusing to think on this situation. Either BJP is paying these famous Facebook pages and websites to get their news posted on social media and get it promoted or these pages are using their own money to promote the news.

Jansatta Promoting Modi’s News:-


BJP minsters were caught many times red-handed fixing the news. Even Modi himself was caught on camera fixing an interview where he was being asked questions on Gujarat 2002 riots.

A Facebook page named Janasatta has recently found posting news about Modi and paid Facebook to promote that post. Many other pages were also found posting news about BJP and Modi and promoted that post using Facebook’s advertising. It is unclear that whether the Janasatta page has promoted the BJP news posts using their own money or BJP has paid the page to promote the posts which are in favour of their party.

Is this the new face of Journalism?

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