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See How This Lady Slapped All Bhakts Very Tightly

Most of the Indians are fed up with the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his blind followers the “bhakts”.

Sometimes these “bhakts” action go beyond the acceptable level. They are forcing people to drink “Gau mutra” and follow Hindu religion. They are even acting as “cow vigilantes” and killing people who harms them.

Watch Video:-

A woman was fed up with Bhakts and their actions in Social Media, made a video to slam them. She talks about how these Bhakts follow Narendra Modi and doesn’t question his objectionable decisions. She asks them to open their eyes and see the truth. “With all your money Adani does all the shopping” she said.

The woman even challenges the “bhakts” to argue with her. “Don’t even dare to post on my timeline if you don’t have valid points to argue.” she said.

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