See How Digvajaya Singh Trolled Modi with his EPIC Response on Modi !

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Digvijaya Singh took out his sarcastic side to make fun of BJP recent statement. Earlier BJP said that it wouldn’t accept any member into the party if they have criminal records in the past.

Digvijaya Singh in response to this statement said “The party is full of criminals so it cannot accept anymore criminals to their party.” The statement from BJP is funny because the President of the party is himself a criminal.

Here’s the original tweet:-


Amit Shah was arrested once and accused as prime suspect in another case, both were investigated by CBI. Amit Shah is the president of BJP party. Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister was accused of running the Gujarat 2002 riots himself from the shadows and many other leaders in BJP party have criminal records.

BJP has close ties with RSS and other hinduvata groups. RSS is known to involve in many violent acts but its activists are free to commit such crimes as long as BJP supports it. Amit Shah himself murdered a man by planning an encounter with the help of two policemen before he became the president of BJP.

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