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Aam Aadmi Party is facing many obstacles in the recent days. The members of party are being targeted by the “paid” media and creating fake news on their news channel.

After Kumar Vishwas’s incident, recently another audio sting in AAP’s Punjab wing shook the party. AAP’s Punjab Convener was removed from the party after he was alleged to accept a bribe.

Former member of AAP party Hardeep Singh Kingra presented the audio tapes and some images to the media. These images show some AAP party members accepting money. In the audio, Pathak’s close friend, Amrish Trikha can be heard speaking to a volunteer, Paramjit Singh Dhillon that he has to pay 5 lakh INR for a meeting with him.

Kingra cannot confirm when the conversation took place. He said “it took place really long time ago”. Without the conformation of the incident by investigating the audio clip, AAP removed it’s party member who was “alleged” to be involved in a bribe.

AAP gave a statement that it will investigate the audio clip and take action against the people who are responsible.


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