According to information received under Right to Information Act (RTI), the Central Railway Catering Department of Indian Railways bought curd at 972 rupees per 100 grams and oil at a staggering of Rs 1253 per litre.

According to information received after the second appeal under RTI by RTI activist Ajay Bose, the Central Railway Catering Department bought these items at a much higher rate than the maximum sales price (MRP) written on them. Railway officials told The Hindu newspaper that this could be a ‘typing error’. Another officer told the newspaper that they will investigate the matter. There is a high possibility of the ‘typing error’ to be an error on purpose. But the investigation is yet to be done.

You will be shocked to see situation of Indian Railway drivers

मिलती जुलती खबर

According to given information by Railway in response to Bose’s RTI, 58 litres of refined oil was purchased in March 2016 for 72,034 rupees (Rs 1,241 a litre). The Railways bought 150 packets of Tata Salt at Rs 2670 (Rs 49 per packet) while the MRP of a pack of salt was 15 rupees. Water bottles and cold drinks were bought at a rate of Rs 59 per bottle. According to Bose, they waited for one year for this information.

This could probably be one of the biggest scams done by the Indian Railways.

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