This RTI Activist proved that Modi is a Biggest Liar and Fenku

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Narendra Modi is known for promising packages and development for the people but never works for making those promises come true.

An RTI activist exposed Narendra Modi on the promises he makes. Recently Modi made a promise to the people of Bihar on proving the state a package of 1.25 lakh crore and got their support for the BJP party from the people.

The RTI activist made an appeal to Prime Minister’s Office using Right To Information act. The appeal reads that there was no instruction from Prime Minister to sanction Rs 1.25 lakh crore for Bihar state. “Prime Minister is well known by the name ‘Feku’ among the people who are against Modi but now I can prove that he deserves that name with the documents I have straight from his office. He then exposes Modi’s promise for the people of Bihar in the video down below.

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शेयर करें

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