EXCLUSIVE:- Rajnath Singh Caught practicing Namaz

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Rajnath Singh is seen wearing Muslim’s traditional outfit and doing Namaaz in a Mosque for votes. This is merely just a stunt by Rajanth Singh to get votes.

He already started begging for votes and getting prepared for upcoming elections. BJP is known for looking down on Muslims and other minority communities. BJP always looked down and the Muslims never really liked BJP government.

Here’s the original photo of HM Rajnath: 


All the BJP leaders always tried to suppress minorities by using their power. BJP minsters must’ve sensed that they will lose the elections so they started their election campaign way ahead the elections. BJP will never support the minorities and Gujarat 2002 riots.

BJP party members killed many innocent Muslims in Gujarat riots and the Muslim community will never forgive BJP for their mistakes. Rajnath Singh is known for his bad behavior in public. Slapping his commando and making a Jawan to tie his shoe laces are some of the examples which explain the personality of Rajnath Singh. He must realize that these cheap publicity tricks will not get him votes instead he must work for people and bring development.

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