For Publicity, BJP Leader Vijender Gupta Makes False Claim

वायरल वीडियो: यूपी में भाजपा को वोट न दे

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Vijender Gupta alleged that AAP MLA Sharad Chauhan threatened him to “cut him to pieces” during the house proceedings. Vijender Gupta is the Leader of opposition in the Delhi Assembly. When Gupta was trying to speak about the controversy of Minister Sandeep Kumar sleazes CD, Chauhan intervened and heard him shouting at him.

BJP Leader Vijendra Gupta
BJP Leader Vijendra Gupta

Gupta furiously walked out of the house alleging that he was threatened by Chauhan “I will file a complaint immediately”, Gupta said while he was walking out. “if goes out to call the police over an
issue related to Assembly proceedings then it amounts to contempt of the house. He should take up the matter with the speaker” Sisodia said. Gupta said that he had every right to call the police as his “life was
under threat”. “The speaker did not take any action against Chauhan while Deputy CM supported him which forced me to call the police”, he said. In a letter to Goel, Vijender Gupta demanded a FIR against Chauhan so that he could get protection by the police. “

“As you and all the ministers and MLAs present in the House are a witness that during the discussion around 7.40 PM, I was threatened by
Chauhan that he will kill me by cutting into pieces. Therefore, it is
apprehended that there is a serious threat to my life,” Gupta said in
his letter to Goel.

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