Video: Poor Rajasthani Lady Tells Reality of Modi

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These days, Prime Minister Modi’s reputation among the rural people is declining very rapidly as people are thinking that all his policies are against them. May be MODI did good for Rich people but he didn’t do anything beneficial for Rural people. It seems like that because we found some videos of rural area people. They are thinking that Modi is a fake person, he did fake promises, he will not make India like other country and he only wanna do World Tour nothing else.


And now, we want to tell you that the thinking of one poor lady about PM Narendra Modi. We got a video from social websites in which one lady named Pushpa Devi” is discussing about her problems and accusing PM MODI that He is only doing good for rich people or middleclass people but what he is doing nothing for the poor people. We are selling 100 handcrafts utilities every day but there is no benefits to us.

His strategies are failure at Ground zero. Also, she told that he is making toilets there but there is no supply of water there. Then, what is the usage of toilets there if the water supply is not there

The poor lady discussing her problems in front of Camera and also PM Modi said Khule Me Shoch Bimari ka Ghar hai but If in that village there is no water supply then what can they do with toilets. We have to think on that topic. 


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