Policeman Rakesh Sharma Was Harassing This Innocent Girl Daily, Watch Her Video

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The recent win for BJP in Uttar Pradesh elections has created lot of controversies and the BJP knew how to add oil to the burning controversy by making Yogi Adityanath the Chief Minister for that state.

Yogi Adityanth’s first initiative as Chief Minister was privacy evading ‘Anti Romeo Squad’. Many people have reported incidences of Anti Romeo Squad members misbehaving with them. There was a video of a couple being harassed by these members, they were robbed by these members.

Everyday many videos are being uploaded on the social media exposing this ridiculous squad. Recently a man got his head shaved by these members for roaming with a girl. Many such incidents are taking place everyday and the Anti Romeo Squad is the one to blame.

Another video of a Muslim woman exposing Anti Romeo Squad and police has surfaced in the internet and it went viral in a short time. A Police officer named Rakesh Sharma took my number and he was harassing me by calling me everyday. He initially identified himself as a member if Anti Romeo Squad. He also took the number of my brother” the woman said.

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