Vyapam scam whistle blower shoots defamation notice to Sambit Patra

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The Vyapam scam was an admission & recruitment scam involving politicians, senior officials, and businessmen in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

Dr. Anand Rai, who is a whistleblower in the scam, has issued a defamation notice to BJP spokesman Sambit Patra for allegedly calling him ‘a murderer’ during a television news debate telecast in 2015. Dr Rai had come to limelight after he blew the whistle on a nexus of politicians, officials of Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB) and middlemen carrying out massive irregularities in exams, allowing undeserving candidates to be selected in educational institutes and government jobs.

Abhinav Dhanodkar, Rai’s advocate, issued a notice on January 21 asking to publish an apology in a newspaper within 15 days. Dr. Rai’s reputation has been suffering a lot since the allegation and claims that he has been getting calls about it. Dr. Rai had challenged Patra’s statement and asked him to bring proof to show the correctness of the allegation but even after a year of waiting, no proof was brought to light.

“In view of above-mentioned facts and circumstances, it is made clear that you have defamed my client by calling a “murderer” on national television in the presence of audience and general public without any supporting evidence which was telecast on Times Now channel and now uploaded on You Tube online channel,” Abhinav said adding the comments were false.

शेयर करें

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