Oh No! Bad News For Bhakts, Sambit Patra Old Tweet Comes

Narendra Modi has promised that he will bring back all the black money that is in foreign banks. As usual, he made a promise but didn’t keep it.

Sambit Patra tweeted ” Modi ji will bring back all the black money by next republic day. By Jan 2016.” in 2015. Its been two years and also the 2017’s Republic Day is over, there is still no solution for that. Although Modi introduced demonetization to eradicate black money, the criminals have already exploited the bank officials and exchanged the money. Even the counterfeit notes of new notes are already in production. Sambit Patra is the spokesperson of BJP and he is a surgeon by profession.

The demonetization scheme has brought nothing but misery and discomfort in the lives of Indian citizens. If we keep aside the issue of black money outside India, Modi won’t even find out or disclose the amount of black money in India. People are very angry because of the discomfort they had to face as the demonetization scheme has failed.

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