Not Development, Ram Mandir is More Important, Says BJP MP Subramaniam Swamy

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Subramanian Swamy said that ‘Ram Mandir’ was more important than the agenda of development. When speaking in ABP News’ press conference, he said that construction of Ram temple is more important than the development of the country, in his point of view “development keeps happening”. Swamy said that he never talked about opening Delhi cheif minister files, it was in response to a question from a Twitter user.


In the same programme, he made a statement by urging the Indian government not to give importance to the issues with Pakistan even if it resulted in full-blown nuclear war. He said “Even if it results a nuclear war, Pakistan cannot kill more than 10 crore people and Pakistan wont exist by then”.

When Swamy was asked that if 10 crore people have to die to defeat Pakistan, he answered “the chances of nuclear war is very low but if there is a nuclear war, 10 crore people must prepare to die. Indian soldiers are dying everyday to protect us, why not people are ready to die for their country.”

Subramanian Swamy should never think in such manner even if he is a MP.

शेयर करें

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