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No Dawood Assests Seized; Paid Media and Feku’s Team Again Exposed !

The news about Dawood Ibrahim’s assets worth Rs 15,000 crores seized by UAE government was fake news.

This fake news had spread like a wildfire in the social media thanks to Indian paid media. The news started to spread from Zee News article, which is the source for all the other articles on the internet on this issue. The Zee News claimed the legibility of the news by quoting the information was provided by “Sources” without naming which kind of source they were referring to.

The Zee News said this was work of PM Narendra Modi. All the other news sources such as micro blogging sites and news paper websites followed the band wagon and made articles according the Zee News article. The Financial Express made an article about this and stated the source as ABP News.

ABP News also made news about this without naming the source just like Zee News. A small team from IronyofIndia website investigated on the credibility of the news by checking the UAE official website but they haven’t found a single word about Dawood’s assets. The only news about Dawood on any leading UAE website was on 23 August 2016 and it was about India providing incorrect addresses of Dawood in Pakistan.

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