New Song Released on Modi “Bhaag Feku Bhaag”

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Narendra Modi and his party members have been caught many times on camera fixing the news interviews according to their wishes.

When Modi agreed an interview with Karan Thapar, he wasn’t expecting the resistance from Karan’s questions. Karan asked very direct questions about Gujarat Riots and slammed Modi with those questions. Those questions made Modi to runaway from the studio without even properly answering a single question.

Here the video:- 

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Karan started with praising Modi for his achievements for being successful as Chief Minister of Gujarat and then drops the bomb. “Even after all these achievements, people call you mass murderer to your face. Do you have an image problem?” Karan asked, with that question itself Modi looked very pissed. Modi is quick to deny it and says that its just few people who say that to damage his reputation.

Karan then points out what the Supreme court said about Modi on the Gujarat riots. “Even after five years after the Gujarat killings, the ghost of Godhra still haunts you. Why haven’t you done more at that time?” said Karan. After that Modi just walks away from the interview.

This serious interview is made into a funny remix trolling Modi. Watch it and share it.

शेयर करें