VIDEO: Narendra Modi was in love with this lady IPS officer

Narendra Modi alleged to spy on a woman. Two investigative portals claimed that Amit Shah had ordered illegal surveillance of a woman.

The entire scandal of the illegal surveillance of a young woman using various state police and intelligence institutions in Gujarat; is known as SnoopGate in the Indian political history.

This snooping scandal has become an embarrassment for the BJP and Modi and it has out them in shame. Two investigative portals, Cobrapost and Gulail also released 40 new tapes of the snooping.

Reports had suggested that Narendra Modi did meet the woman in Bhuj, Kutch before she eventually shifted base to Bangalore.

Watch the embed video to know more about the news as well as to have more information on what SnoopGate was and how Narendra Modi and Amit Shah was involved in illegal surveillance of a young woman.

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