Modi’s Ministers Says: Everyone has Full Right to Eat Cow Beef

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Union Minister Ramdas Athawale recently said that everyone has the right to eat beef. He also demanded a severe punishment for cow vigilantes.

“Everyone has the right to eat beef. I condemn the Nagpur incident. These gau rakshaks are killing people and becoming nar-bhakshak” the Union Minister said. “Such cow vigilantes must be punished” Athawale added.

Recently a 31 year old Muslim man was brutally thrashed in public by alleged cow vigilantes on the suspicion that he was carrying beef in Nagpur district. He alleged that there appeared to be larger plan to undermine PM Narendra Modi. Ramdas Athawale is the founding leader of Republican Party of India.

The cases of violent cow vigilantism are on rise. Recently due to large scale protests, PM Modi had to break his silence over the issue. There was no action taken by Narendra Modi and his government against cow vigilantes.

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