A Must Watch Video on Gujrat 2002 Riots

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Gujarat riots in 2002, its one of the biggest riots in the Indian history. A brief introduction to who are not aware of this. These riots took place in between February to March. A train was burnt in Godhra on 27th February 2002 which killed 58 Hindu pilgrims which triggered the violence.

In these riots 790 Muslims, 254 Hindus and 2500 people were injured non-fatally. Muslim women were raped and children were burnt alive. Muslim Communities were the most affected.

Recently its been revealed that current PM Narendra Modi allowed these riots. Narendra Modi was Gujarat’s CM in 2002. Sanjiv Bhatt says he attended a meeting at which Narendra Modi said he won’t bother his “Hindu Brothers” if they kill Muslims. Sanjiv Bhatt was a senior police officer in the Gujarat intelligence bureau.

He alleges that Narendra Modi said in a meeting day before the riots that the Muslims need to be taught lesson. Sanjiv Bhatt spoke in Supreme Court on this case, he said his position in the Government allowed him to see a lot of things that are taking place during and after these riots. He also said that he had the chance to monitor all the actions of his seniors.

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