PM Modi Uses Filthy Language, Calls His Rivals -“The Pakistani Agents”

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Narendra Modi is often found accusing Arvind Kejriwal in his public meetings. In a meeting, he said that Pakistan is able to battle Indian Army with the help of 3 AK’s, AK-47, AK Antony and indirectly says that third AK is Arvind Kejriwal.

Modi says that Kejriwal supports Pakistan and supports his claim. In a recent series of killings of Indian soldiers, an Indian soldier dressed up as Pakistani soldier and killed his fellow mate to rise the tensions in borders of Pakistan and J&K.

Arrest warrant issued against Kejriwal for tweeting against Modi

Arvind Kejriwal finds this info and reports it to public by himself. Modi says that third AK is Arvind Kejriwal because Kejriwal supports Pakistani’s army. It is Narendra Modi who gifted clothes to Pakistan’s President in occasion of a festival and Modi accuses Kejriwal.

Many believe that one of Modi’s men made that soldier dress up in Pakistan’s Army outfit and made him kill his fellow mate. We all know what happened in Gujarat 2002 riots. Those riots are enough to describe Modi’s hate for Muslims.

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