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Mumbai BMC Asks 5 Lakh Bribe from Kapil Sharma, See What he Tweeted

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Kapil Sharma, India’s most popular comedian became angry after Mumbai’s BMC Asked him 5 Lakh Rs for opening an Office.

Kapil later tweeted on twitter about Modi and his fans retweeted and like him. BJP Govt is in Mumbai and they are so much corrupt that they’ll go at any level to take money from common man.

Comedian Kapil Sharma, one of the top entertainers on Indian television, was not being funny on Friday morning when he tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi in angst-ridden tweets complaining about corruption, also referring to “Achhe Din”.

Here’s what Kapil tweeted.


Now this tweet from Kapil exposed real face of Devendra Fadnavis and Modi govt that how these scammers are looting Innocent people and taking lots of Bribe.

Anyway, one more thing, BHAKTS are angry on Kapil, they might can boycott the show. LOL HAHA!

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