EXPOSED- “Narendra Modi called an IAS” story was FAKE! Know the Truth

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A Quora User by the name Pushpak Chakraborty said that Modi personally called an IAS officer in Tripura and told him that he would be providing support to build an alternate highway NH208(A). Pushpak had posted this news in the Quora website.

Pushpak’s post got 12,500 upvotes for his post as of August 27th. The story is, Modi called an IAS officer late night. A young voice apologized to him for calling late night and told him that PM Narendra Modi is online to talk to him. The IAS officer has stunned and after a few beeps, Modi started talking about the issue in Tripura. PM said that he will be providing full support to build a new highway. The following morning, there were 300 trucks full of material and 6 JCBs were waiting for the IAS officer at the highway.


However the IAS officer denied the fact that Narendra Modi called him. Pushpak Chakraborty supports his story by replying to an Economic Times journalist who claimed that he had checked with IAS officer in North Tripura and the officer denied the story. Recently many people on social media are posting that this story is fake and this is made up by BJP’s IT cell. Pushpak Chakraborty, on his August 13th post in Quora, he called himself a “member” of BJP IT Cell.

शेयर करें

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