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Narendra Modi Funny Parody Video with Mark Zuckerberg

Admit it, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is hell bent over selfies and pictures. He has a rare superpower to find a camera hidden in the crowd. He traveled to several countries for meeting political leaders and CEO’s of tech giants. After arriving at the scene, the first thing he does is to spot the camera and forces the person he is talking to take a picture with him then goes on with the conversation they are having.

People are not sure why our Prime Minister is acting in such manner. Memes about our PM are flooding our Facebook feeds. In his visit to Facebook Headquarters at California, he forcefully pulled Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO for a picture with him while Zuckerberg was talking to our Prime Minister. He grabbed Mark so forcefully that Mark’s skin on his hand got red. This news circled the internet for months. Our PM pulled Zuckerberg many times for a picture during that meet.

During his visit to China to meet Li Keqiang, he took a selfie with Li. The Internet world called it the “World’s Mightiest selfie”. That picture got 2,200 shares within two hours of posting it on Social Media.

Narendra Modi has his “selfie” way to promote himself to the world. Narendra Modi got a lot of attention from all over the world during his visits to several countries. Here watch this funny video about his selfie addiction.

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