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Modi Exposed Himself on High Petrol & Deisel Prices

Narendra Modi had promised to bring change in India after winning elections but none of that happened instead the rupee value has fallen thanks to poor implementation of demonetization scheme.

The petrol prices were hiked recently and people are not happy about it especially in this darkest time. People are dying by standing in long queues for that one 2000 rupee note. People are using many hours of their lives waiting in queue for that one note. Then the government decided to make people’s lives worse by increasing the prices of essential items such as petrol and diesel.


देखिये वीडियो:-

Few months after the elections, Modi was talking about the decrease in petrol and diesel prices in a public meeting. Petrol prices are now hiked by Rs 2.21 per litre and Diesel prices are hiked by Rs 1.79 per litre. The non branded Petrol now cost Rs 68.94 and Diesel will now cost Rs 56.68 per litre in New Delhi.

The prices are a bit higher in Mumbai, Rs 75.27 compared to Rs 68.94 in Delhi. Indian oil said that the decrease in rupee value led to an increase in selling price of petrol and diesel and the impact is passed on to the consumers.

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