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Modi Bhakts Abused Indian Army Officers When They Criticized BJP Govt

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Recently an Army jawan of B.S.F had posted a video of him explaining the hardships they are facing in their jobs.

The jawan said he wasn’t afraid of losing his job for exposing the truth. He explained the quality and quantity of food is very poor. He also explained the extreme situations they have to face while doing their job.

The jawan said that they will be given a parantha and tea for breakfast and for lunch they were only given one roti and turmeric powder to eat. He said that sometimes they may even have to stand for 11 hours during the day and they have to come to work even if there is a storm.

He doesn’t complain about the hard work he has to do in his job but asks for better quality of food which should be provided for them. He also said that News channels won’t cover this issue.

Some of Modi’s bhakts spoke very ill of the soldier who made the video. That bhakt said that the soldier was lazy and a corrupt one. From this incident it is clear that these bhakts blindly follow Narendra Modi.

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