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Meet One More Eye Witnis of Voting Machine Scam

In a video a man explains how BJP won the elections by tampering EVMs. He explains every detail with a reasonable explanation.

The BJP party won the recent elections by tampering EVMs and the people are aware of the situation in the country. Political leaders and common people are arguing that BJP cheated in the elections. “After winning the elections in 2014, BJP cheated in every election held by tampering EVMs. Even Supreme court has declared that EVMs can be tampered and the possibility of cheating.” he said.

“Subramanian Swamy has filed cases of EVM tampering in 2004 and 2009 when the Lok Sabha elections were won by Congress.” he added. When the municipal elections took place in Maharastra, tampering of EVMs took place in large scale. People and political candidates have witnessed the cheating by BJP during those elections.

People think that these problems can be solved by voting but they fail to realize that their votes are being manipulated and there is no place for free and fair elections in India these days.


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