VIDEO: Mayawati warns Yogi government about her security

Mayawati warns Yogi government about her security. Recently, Mayawati warned Yogi Adityanath’s government regarding her  Saharanpur visit. A written message was also submitted to the chief minister about the same.

The video of Mayawati’s statements attacking Yogi regarding her security during her visit is going viral.Mayawati warns Yogi government about her security

In the video, she also mentioned that she had requested the government to build a helipad near Shabbirpur for her visit but the permission was not granted and she has been forced to travel via road. She asked for proper security during her visit.

She also stated that, Yogi government will be responsible if anything bad happens to her or anyone from her team in the long route to Saharanpur. She stated that the situation is not well in Saharanpur and leaders should go only when the situation gets normal.

Watch the video for more detailed information.

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