Malegaon Election: BJP’s all Muslim candidates lost

by Geetanjali Singh |
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Malegaon Election: BJP’s all Muslim candidates lost. In the Municipal elections held in Malegaon; BJP has proved to be an experimental flop show. Here, the BJP had made 27 Muslim candidates in the Muslim Bahlus area, but all the candidates lost in the election.

Despite being Muslim, they all were not given votes by Muslim voters because they all contested the elections on the BJP’s ticket. Malegaon Election: BJP's all Muslim candidates lost

In the municipal corporation of Bhiwandi and Malegaon and Muslim-dominated areas of Maharashtra, the Congress won. The party has achieved a majority on its own.

Malegaon Results:-

–> Total Muslim candidates by BJP:- 27

–> Total Muslim seats won by BJP:- 0

–> Total seats won by Congress out of 84:- 28

Congress MLA from Malegaon Asif Shaikh said that development of everyone along with this is the result of the defeat to BJP. Congress has won 28 out of 84 wards.

According to experts, BJP had given ticket to Muslim candidates in the wish that it would be able to turn the traditional Muslim vote of the Congress to BJP, but Muslim voters in Muslim Bahluliya area did not give any hope to the Muslim candidates contesting on the BJP ticket.

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